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Mens' Client Stories and Testimonials...

I have worn hair for 25 years and in this time I have been a member of HCM in both New York and Las Vegas and have tried other hair replacement companies too. Julie is the first stylist who has worked on my hair who actually listens and takes pride in her work. My hair always is a perfect match in color and texture and the quality and her price beat any other company by far. I feel more confident and sure of myself and I like the way I look. -Paul 

Having Hair Enhancement has given me the self confidence I had before my hair started thinning. I looked into other hair replacement companies and liked the fact that I didn’t have to join a club or pay a required monthly fee. I also like the one on one attention that Julie gives me. -Robbie 

Being a business professional, my appearance is very important. I have many public speaking engagements that I attend all over the country and my hair must look its best at all times. I have been a client of Julie's for over 15 years. Her level of professionalism, skill and knowledge allows me to feel confident of my look and I know that I am receiving the highest quality of service available in Las Vegas. -Bill

As a hairdresser, clients look to me for the latest styles. Over the years I have tried many forms of hair replacement such as extensions, tied knot extensions and hair pieces that were braided on to my head and none of them compare to this form of hair replacement. I wash my hair everyday and can wear the latest styles and colors. One month I can have long hair and the next month I can wear it short, the sky is the limit. The crazy thing is that most of my clients and even some of my co-workers don’t realize it isn’t my hair. It looks so natural and blends perfectly with my hair that they can’t even tell. -Tom      

Newly divorced and in the dating scene again, I was very concerned about my looks and how women would perceive me and my thinning hair. I have a very youthful face but my lack of hair added 10-15+ years on to my age. This is not the case anymore since I have found Hair Enhancement. I love it when women think they are older than me because I have so much hair! I have checked out the competition in town and no one impressed me as much as Julie. She is a master of her craft and I wouldn't go anywhere else! - Dave